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Today was a day in the Old City. We were led by the awesomest, Rabbi D. from the boy’s Sdei Chemed (We still dont know what D. stands for… the best submissions were drunken and delirious) We got to know details about almost anything in the Old City. We toured Ir David and saw remains of the great Palace of Dovid HaMelech. We also saw the Migdal Dovid and viewed (in the distance, since we have already been there) the Kotel and the Golden Mosque. Then we saw a 3D really cool video showing what happened where and in which era; it talked about the tunnels that Chizkiyahu the King of Yehudah built to divert the water source so that the enemy would not have access to it. Then we actually got to splash through the freezing waters of the tunnel and see it for ourselves. After that we got to go to the Jewish Quarter, the Rova, and enjoy our lunch and check out the stores, we even got to go to Hadaya (a gorgeous jewelery store.) Back at the dorm we had some free time and just about everyone fell asleep =) For night activity we each got a baloon and paper and wrote down our most embarassing moment, we were on the floor rolling!!!!!! 

=) Hadasa

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