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Today, since it is the nine days, we focused on a horrific event that
occured in jewish history: the Holocaust. We went to the museum Yad
Vashem and learnt about all that happened during the holocaust
spanning from before it even started until it was completely finished.
Bringing tears to our eyes, we heard and actually saw on a video the
inhumane acts that the Nazis yimach shimam did. May their memory be
erased. Next, to change the mood a bit, we went to an archaelogical
dig. At this site they dig for remnants of the ancient Helenistic age,
the time of the Maccabim. We all enjoyed digging deep and we actually
found some bone or large pieces of pottery, we learnt that during that
time the people there were wealthy and enjoyed using many fancy vessels. At
the end we even got to take home some unimportant pottery, we can even
make a menorah out of it! Tommorow will be our free weekend… so I
wont be blogging about it but, cant wait to come back again.

=) Hadasa

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