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The day began as we stepped into the holy city of
Chevron. We went first to the grave of our mother Rachel and had a
long time to daven and beseech our father above in her merit. Next we
visited the graves of our forefathers- Mearat Hamachpeilah. We each
had our chance to daven in the zchut of all our ancestors. Hopefully
in their merit we will see the redemption bimihairah biyameinu. After
that we visited the memorial for a baby, sadly only a few months old,
named Shalhevet, who was shot by an Arab sniper. Then we
visited Beit Hadassah, where a huge massacre occured and in this
hospital that many were sent to. Now it was time to say goodbye to
Chevron as we went back to our dorm to get ready for Tisha B’av. WePost Optionsenjoyed a yummy pizza, pasta, and soup supper before it was time for
the Seudah H’amafseket. We each got our egg dipped in ashes and some
bread to say goodbye to food for a day. We boarded the bus in time to
get to the Old City for Eicha. We were led into the old city and got to our location; a
mirpeset overlooking where the beit hamikdash used to be. We had an
meaningful time having a kumzits and listening to Eicha. Back at our
dorm for night activity we went around a circle sharing some personal
tragedies to get a glimpse of what the pain is really of losingĀ 
the entire beit hamikdash. May we see Mashiach soon in our days.

=) Hadasa

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