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(Wed) We started off the day with a breezy and sunny place; the gorgeous Kineret beach. We got a lot of time to swim through the massive waves. Everyone enjoyed it especially after the nine days. We were greeted by our bus with lots of music and we had fun dancing the aisles. As we were on our way to the water hike, we picked up a few Israeli girls who needed a ride and had fun talking with them. Unfortunately we got wrong directions and will be doing the hike iy”h on Sunday. Next, we davened mincha at the kever of Rebbi Meir Baal Haness. We even ate our delectable supper there too. There in the city
of Tiveria we walked through town for a bit before moving on. We then boarded a party boat; in for some fun!! We had an insane time dancing
like crazy to lots of music…. everyone walked off as sweaty as ever!!! We then went to our hotel in Keshet Yonatan and had a good night’s sleep =)

(Thur) Today we were woken up to a busy day. After eating breakfast at our hotel, we went off to ODT. Also known as out door training, we were split up in group’s and had many tasks to accomplish. There was a  place where we had to all stand on a barrel and holding onto the net on top we had to move it from one side of a wide space (is that what you call it??) to the other. Or another time when two people each got
a rod and a girl had to climb on all the rods as the people holding them had to continuously move. (hope i explained those well!!) After a nice lunch we got to our next place. We stopped off for mincha at the
kever of the Ramchal. Time for our last hike =(… we first went on donkeys up the mountain. Now we all understand how slow donkeys can be… and we even got to name our donkeys. The first part of the hike
was the usual and then we got to a part where we had to walk sideways down a mountain (while holding onto ropes and being careful.) It is time to say goodbye to another week in Sdei Chemed. Can’t wait for the
last Shabbos!!!!

=) Hadasa

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