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It is hard to put down on words all the experience’s that I had during my stay, but what I can relay to others considering whether to go to Israel, is that this summer has changed my perspective, not only for the love I have for the land of Israel, but on life itself. 

Many specific experiences affected me both emotionally and spiritually.  For example, Yad Eliezer, filling food boxes for families in need who don’t have the basics was like a slap of reality. Not only am I grateful for what I have but I enjoyed helping others as well. The Hezekiah tunnels gave me a real feel as to how things were in the times of Hezekiah’s rule. 

Hadassah Ein Kerem Hospital was a very touching experience. To see the little children sick in their beds affected me greatly because one doesn’t necessarily know about what these kids go through everyday unless they have a reason to be there. All the chesed that we did strengthened me in many ways and only caused me to grow.     

My summer would not have been the same if I had not chosen Sdei Chemed. We toured from the north all the way down south. Included in the itinerary were all types of trips; tours, Kevarim , spiritual hot-spots  and generous activities that as a camp we all enjoyed. I gained knowledge, Torah, and understanding of the land of Israel. This all had a great impact on my life that I hope to eventually give over to others. 

Playing sports at Gan Saker

S’dei Chemed made it possible for me to enjoy my summer, the best summer yet. I could have gone to Israel on my own but it definitely wouldn’t have been the same. I would like to thank you for giving me the opportunity of a lifetime and making my dream come true.

Thank you,
Atara Rosen
Cedarhurst, NY
Summer 2012


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  • Kessy

    I was really considering this program but I am already going to a sleep away camp for July and we talked to the owner of the camp and he said it is possible for me to come in middle at the end of July. But I was wondering that if I do come I’m already missing the first 2 weeks. Is it normal for girls to come in the middle?

    • Chaviva

      Ya, its totally normal to come in the middle. Last summer we had few new girls in the middle and towards the end,and they were all excepted with open arms.

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