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[FBGALLERY] View photos albums from our past summers here
Request to join our Private Girls Sdei Chemed Group

In order to see the girls photos we have decided to create a private facebook group to host our photos. We have done so for the following reasons:

To have one large group where all Sdei Chemed Girls can hang out and chat, post photos and videos privately. This group will be kept closed at all times and therefore anything on this board will ONLY be seen by other girls. None of the content on this page can be shared on facebook as it will still only be available to persons in this group to see.
We hope to transfer most of the girls photos and videos from past summers to this group so we can keep it private for girls only. Everyone else is invited to upload theirs.
We will also hopefully use this group for newcomers and prospective newcomers to S’dei Chemed. Here they will be able to ask other campers any questions they have and see if they know any previous girls that went on the program.
Everyone has the option to add friends to the group and we encourage you to add those friends they think might be interested in the Sdei Chemed Program.