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Aviva Susman, Cedarhurst, NY
Summer 2012

Camp Sdei Chemed is the best experience and every teenager should be able to experience it in their lifetime. We were in Israel for six weeks with amazing staff and amazing campers. Everyone was so friendly and sweet, and even though we were from different schools and backgrounds we all came together as one big happy family.I had been to Israel before and I thought that we would go to the same places and it would be like a repeat trip. It wasn’t that way. By being surrounded with amazing staff and girls it made it like I was seeing Israel for the first time. So who can ask for a better summer?!

I came home from camp and the first thing I said to my mom was, this was the best experience of my life!
Aside from all of the amazing activities and trips, the campers and staff were some the most amazing people that I have ever met.
At camp I felt like the better more fun version of myself. Between the places we went and the people around me, a summer like this is hard, no… impossible to beat! – Ariel Schwartz, Ontario, Canada
Summer 2012

“Camp Sdei Chemed gave me the best experience I could ever dream of.
We visited Israel from north to south, going on TONS of hikes, swimming in many bodies of water, and davening at many different Holy Sites.
I came into camp knowing only 2 girls, but came out with a new group of best friends.
This camp made me realize that it’s okay to be friends with people who are different than you- whether they are older, younger, more modern, very religious… Sdei chemed girls and staff never judge people based on looks, but rather the qualities they hold in their heart. It’s a true lesson to learn, and sdei chemed was the one to show it to me”. – Tirzah Weill, Teaneck NJ
Summer 2012

Summer 2012

Camp S’dei Chemed rocked. the girls were amazing the staff was amazing.  PhotoS’dei Chemed is an experience everyone has to have. It’s like a dream come true and even more, it’s a family you’ll never let go! S’dei Chemed will always have a special place in my heart!
Bracha Shadrouz
Brooklyn, NY
Summer 2011



This summer totally exceeded my expectations. I was expecting a touring camp in Israel, and what I got was the BEST experience of my life. Every trip we went on, I felt like it was worth it to come to camp just for that trip.
Leah Dinovitz (your favorite camper since the history of S’dei Chemed)
Baltimore, MD
Summer 2011

Camp S’dei Chemed rocked. the girls were amazing the staff was amazing. I had an experience of a lifetime and I would go back in a second! Camp S’dei Chemed you are truly my family.
Hudi Gallis
Cedarhurst,  NY
Summer 2011



shifra“If you are looking for an Israel experience of a lifetime, Sdei Chemed is the place for you!”
Shifra Klarich
Atlanta, GA
Summer 2011


ungerAll I can say was that everything was perfect except SLEEPING ON THE BEACH that was horrible it was worst then a nightmare ahhh that I did not enjoy but everything else was great thank u so much for giving me the best summer ever cant wait to c ya next year!
Leah Unger love mmmwwwa !! 🙂
Lawrence, NY
Summer 2011


223966_10150745472595377_352700980376_19852503_1163566_n1S’dei Chemed is like one big happy family!! whoever didn’t come yet hurry & apply cuz your missing out 🙂
When someone goes to Israel they never go touring everywhere. This camp you saw everything & everyone was so nice to each other. The girls & the counselors were amazing & it was the best summer I ever had. Elisheva is there as a director but also as a friend we could rely on and talk to.
Shanit Oxenhoren
Brooklyn, NY
Summer 2011
raynaThis camp is so chilled and amazing! Everyone is so warm and non-judgmental. All the girls are awesome and it’s in Israel! What can be better?
Rayna Rabinowits
Brooklyn, NY
Summer 2011
shaindyI had the best summer of my life. Thank you so much Elisheva for making all my dreams come true 😉
Shaindee Broyn
Brooklyn, NY
Summer 2011
My past summer at Sdei Chemed cannot be described… it was crazy fun…. we ran from activity to activity.. and always HIKING (I was usually up the first!!! 😉 ) Every girl was soo nice that the entire camp became best friends with each other. Everything was so exciting (and full of food) and I’ll never forget the most awwessome camp. I LOVE YOU SDEI CHEMED!!!! <3
Hadasa Rubin
Far Rockaway, NY
Summer 2011


“S’dei Chemed is the most amazing camp in the world, no joke! Its not like other camps where u have around 400 500 kids in a camp it’s a small camp and you get to know every individual! The Girls are amazing and the staff are so warm and generous! the trips are absolutely awesome from the kotel to swimming with the dolphins, I learned something from every trip!

All year I think and talk about camp and when the summer actually comes, it goes by way to fast! The staff and campers are AMAZING!! Every camper adds so much to the camp and camp wouldn’t be complete without them! The staff work so hard to give us the greatest summer of our lives and it really pays off! All the trips are a blast, whether there small trips or big ones!  I would recommend this camp to everyone, you make lifelong friends and gain a tremendous amount of appreciation for our homeland. Camp gave me the best 3 summers of my life and I’ll never forget them!!”
Betty Weinstock, Monsey NY
Summer 2009, 2010, 2011
“If you want to have a summer full of jam packed days, having fun while gaining a unique appreciation for our homeland, this us the place for you.”
Abby Bergman, Elizabeth NJ
Summer 2010

“This is the most amazing experience a girl can have. what I learned this summer will stay with me forever.”
Chana Reminick, Brooklyn NY
Summer 2009,2010

“Before I went to Sdei Chemed, I hated camp , I didn’t want to go there. When I decided to come to Sdei Chemed I was a little bit afraid. But when I arrived , I felt so comfortable , girls were so nice with me … also the staff members were …Trips were awesome !!! Activities were awesome !!!
My 3 summers in Sdei Chemed were the most AMAZING summers of my life ! I’ll never forget it … Sdei Chemed is the best!”
Ilana Bouzaglo, France
Summer 2008,2009,2010
“Sdei Chemed is an amazing camp. The summer I had there will never be forgotten. With never a dull moment, we explored the whole land of Israel and truly gained an appreciation for the Eretz Yisroel. I highly recommend this camp to anyone who is looking for a camp in Israel. They will not regret it… In fact I’m positive they’ll have the most amazing summer and the most amazing experience!!
Hadas Badani, Brooklyn,  NY
Summer 2010


“I’m not used to saying things in short but ill try…SDEI CHEMED IS DA BOMB DIGGITY!!
wait that might not be so good for the public. um how’s this…
I really enjoyed my summer to the fullest. the staff and campers were unbelievable and we should all be so thankful for the amazing opportunity Sdei Chemed gives us! Thank you Elisheva and Dovid!”
Tzipporah Gold, Brooklyn NY
Summer 2009,2010


“I had the best summer ever! I loved every day! The staff were awesome and so  much fun to be around. The girls were so nice. I miss everything and everyone from camp! I want to go back now!!!!!!!”
Sara Trombka, Silver Spring MD
Summer 2010
“I know I speak for both my wife and I (and rachel/kelly) in saying the experience she had at S’dei was like none other in her life. Words alone can’t express our hakoras hatov for the amazing program you bring the girls… A non-stop, enlightening experience ofEretz Yisroel. She was busy with amazing activities ALL the time, and couldn’t wait to call home and share. She was sad when she returned because of the experience and the new friends she made. But more than that, she experienced aruchnios transformation in how she viewed herself and Israel. From her tears at the kotel to ensuring she continues davening every day tells me that you do an unparalled job of balancing ruchnios andgashmios for these teenage girls. Would be glad to have her go again. Well done, and thank you!”
Mickey and Malkie Hyman, Lawrence NY
Summer 2010
“This was my best summer ever! I loved every moment of Sdei Chemed! The girls were so nice the staff was so warm and the trips were great! I miss every moment of camp!”
Nomi Schreiber, Lawrence NY
“Sdei Chemed is the best camp ever. I would really recommend coming here. Everybody is so nice! All the staff is AMAZING (no joke)!! All the girls are so nice! no matter what background you come from or age everybody is friends. All the activities are so much fun, from hiking to shopping and everything in between everything is so much fun! I hope to come back next year!”
Ariella Bodoff, Cedarhurst NY


lani“I highly recommend this camp to anyone and everyone! these past two summers were the best summers of my life! I made life-long friends, and lasting memories. in addition, being in Israel was extra special, and inspiring. the staff are always there for you whenever you need them. thank you camp sdei chemed for my fantastic camp experience!”
Lani Weinstock, Monsey NY