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Camp S’dei Chemed understands that applicants may be concerned about the security situation in Israel. The safety and security of our Campers is our number one priority. S’dei Chemed would never take on this endeavor if we felt we were unable to adequately provide an absolutely safe and secure trip. We therefore take whatever precautions that are necessary to ensure the safety of all participants.

The following are some of the basic security precautions taken on the trip:
  • Our campus is completely fenced in from all sides and there is a security guard at the main entrance 24/7.
  • Camp S’dei Chemed is in direct contact with the appropriate Israeli security and public safety authorities on a daily basis. Before traveling to any destination, we are first cleared by the Israeli government.
  • As per an arrangement with CellTalk, all Campers will receive a free cell phone rental for the duration of the tour. We strongly urge all participants to take advantage of this offer. Family and friends will feel much more comfortable knowing that they can reach you at any time while you are in Israel. Please click here to reserve your cell phone.
  • An armed guard and a medic will accompany the camp 24 hours a day for the duration of the summer.
  • We do not travel to or through certain unsafe areas such as the West Bank, Gaza or crowded areas.
  • Only our own private transportation and our very own camp drivers are used the entire summer.
  • We run a very full and structured program and no child is ever permitted from leaving the group or leaving camp grounds.
  • The best way for applicants to get a first hand account of the organization and security that we provide at Camp S’dei Chemed International is to have them speak with those who have experienced the camp themselves. If You would like to be put in touch with recent alumni, please take a look at our past summer pages and feel free to contact anyone or call our office and we will put you in touch with someone in your neighborhood.
  • Camp S’dei Chemed International has been the pioneers of bringing children to Israel and has done so for the past 39 years (starting in 1969) bringing thousands of campers to visit Israel over the summers.